A Long Monday

Today beat me up… but good.

The binary ninja rangers were attacking from all sides of the digital pipeline throwing the stars of ones and zeroes.

Meanwhile on the Captain front.

The cartoon is slow moving. It seems like all the things I do lately are in a perpetual state of slow motion. Its like someone through a jar of cold molasses into the space time continuum, dialed in ‘Frappe’, placed in the freezer for 3 hours, and left to thaw on Pluto

I have managed to find some considerable talent in the creation of it, but just finding the energy to keep it going sometime is a strain. And then when I do have the time to work on it, the time usually is not my own. Even being able to come home from work and sit down for 10 minutes and have some alone time is hard, and its only going to get harder.

I’m not complaing just being a codger.

Okay for a first entry, this is long enough.


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