What a day

Okay, so I got a raise

But I have to work more hours (BOO!!!)

But I have a higher position (YAY!!!)

But I have more responsibilities (BOO!!!)

But I have two new roles (YAY!!!)

Wait … Both are completely different, one is
managerial/administration the other is creative direction … um…


But I am no longer doing production (YAY!!!)

But I am now in charge of the production department ( =-O )

All of this, which has transpired within the last week has started to
really stress me out. And because I am nothing if not weak when I am
stressed, I have been stress eating like mad.

Let’s see if I can recount my eating today in chronological order:

2 Apple Fritters
1 large cup of coffee
1 medium cup of coffee
1 egg and sausage sanwich on english muffin with butter, mustard,
tomato and lettuce
2 brownies
1 order of Bib-im-bob (Korean styly beef with veggies over rice, and
topped with a spicy sauce and fried egg)
2 bowls of wonton soup
1 more brownie
1/2 of a yellow apple
1 cup of Eating Right tomato basil pasta soup

I am trying to keep my dinner small tonight, ergo the soup.

Either way I feel really bloated and weak. Not to mention I have pulled
a couple of muscles in my neck.

I hope everyone else is doing good.

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