7-Star Challenge Week 3: Mock Album Art

Many years ago, I created a mock band called Rai C & the HeeBeeGeeBees. It was 1 part DIY audio production, 1 part surf guitar, 1 part jazz, and 1 part exotica. What was recorded sounds pretty darn good. It was a bit rough, but really there was a lot of potential. My brother was on the drums, and a guy by the name of Jeff O’Brien was on guitar (that leaves me bearing the thudstaff. We had a lot of fun, and got to try some new stuff out.

The thing that always struck me as ironic was that the one kind of music I wanted to make would be the one type of music I would only ever do once in my life. That is not exactly true. I have jammed with Brother Dunc on a couple of times, and really have found a soul mate in music. Somebody who wants to have fun with music. Not to say that other groups weren’t as good. Far from it, I have had the pleasure of playing with very talented people. I think the issue was that I wasn’t sure of where I stood … musically that is.

Anyway, years have gone by since that Saturday at ISU when Rai C & the HeeBeeGeeBees made their debut. I have never forgotten it and I still have the old songs. I need to go through and find the masters, and maybe even record some of them.

Because of this I designed, this week’s 7-Star Submission is a series of Album Covers. Now this may be a little bit of a cheeat since two of the covers were done a month ago, but they are part of a series and I really like them. They are part of a project that I can just put on some Charles Mingue, get out my Pork Pie Hat, and have fun.


Rai C & the HeeBeeGeeBees - Cocktail, Taco, BravoRai C & the HeeBeeGeeBees - Songs for a Lazy NationRai C & the HeeBeeGeeBees - Sing It Brother Portnoy

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