Criticism’s Counter Argument

Your Mom!!!Still working on the site. It’s funny, the one client that you will always have problems meeting deadlines for is yourself. Doesn’t matter how much  I have to do for myself, to get my own affairs in order, other work always comes first. It’s either family work, client work, or house work, but it’s work that takes priority over my own goals.

Then there’s the stress of people seeing my work, and lending me their 2 cents (asked for or not). Criticism just comes with the gig. In college, I learned to have a thick skin — or did my best to develop one. I knew that the majority of my peers were offering me advice on, so I could either get upset by people who did not get my vision or I could take the critiques and incorporate them into my work. The latter usually made my work better. The former… well, the former didn’t get me very far.

That said, there are people who view criticism as a means to attack others. They are individuals who believe they have the luxury of destroying another person’s goals, or dreams, or vision. These critics focus on the negative simply because they are lazy. They do not wish to look at any artifact other than through a lens of scorn and derision. They make it known that they enjoy very little, and they encourage (or demand) others to do the same. As long as they are able to direct the course of public discourse, they are content in knowing that the latest art installation will be a flop simply because they wish it to be.

To these people I simply say, “Your Mom!!!” That’s my counter argument to their derision. If I let every person with an opinion try to talk me out of doing something that I wanted to do, then I wouldn’t get anywhere.

And “Your Mom!!!” seems just a good criticism as any.

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