Dusting the cobwebs off my dome

So I have been thinking a lot lately about what I am doing. What drives me? Really, what gets me going the most is creating, and making things. Whether it’s music, art, food, drinks, or just funny stories with the kids.

And its not creating by myself. The thing that really gets me is creating as part of a community. I think this is what I have been missing. Having a solid sense of community. People that I gel with on a creative level. My friends have always been supportive, and have always been there in regards to supporting my work. However, I didn’t see that I could have just as easily made them a part of my work.

Since I decided to make my home here in the Corn Jungle of the Heartland, I have been finding many creative types who share my interest and want to be as much a part of my work as I want to be their’s.

The feeling is great, and is keeping me fueled up. So in honor of those people, I am changing this blog into my art and design blog, with special attention to arts in Indianapolis.

So Aloha and Mahalo to all who read this. Thank you for your considered support.

Wave Break at Dawn

Revelry at Leonato's

Don Pedro and His Men Ride into Messina

A Sense of the Pastoral

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