Taking a moment to put paper to pen and ink: An Open Letter to Newtown, CT

To the people of Newtown, CT,

You may never read this. Chances are this will get lost in the ephemera of the internet, and won’t make it past the two or three people who read this blog. That is okay.

I am writing this to tell you that your loss is my loss. This even affects all of us. As a country, as a community, as parents. Anytime a tragedy like this happens, an overwhelming sadness runs through me because I see my own children in those that are lost.

I just want you to know, that there are those of us who will be here when you need it. You may not know us, or even know we are thinking of you. However, our condolences, prayers, and thoughts of peace are with you always. We are here by your side. We will be your love wall if you want us to be.

I can’t see any of us pulling through this without the support of others, and I hope that you will lean on us. Those who can’t stop crying over this tragedy. Those of us who will always look upon you love and hope. Please take that with you throughout the year, and for the years to come.

This is the only Christmas Gift that I can truly give.

26 Balloons Released in a Moment, but Capturing the Minds of All.

A piece dedicated in loving memory of the 26 souls that lost their lives on December 14, 2012. It is a piece of sorrow and celebration. It is all I can give at this point.

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