Trying not to build Rome in a day

There comes a point where you have to learn how to relax. I mean really relax. Not just “I’m going to not doing any work tonight…” kinda relaxing, but “I’m not going to work tonight AND I am not going to give a flying fig newton that I didn’t get anywork done tonight…” kinda relaxing.

It’s a hard skill to master – especially in our day and age. There is always something to do. There is always something to read, a chore that needs attention, a requirement that needs to be met, or a file that needs to be put away. It’s too much. We strive to make our lives easier, but in the end we wind up creating more work for ourselves. Instead of taking that time that we saved by using a device complete our task and sit back and relax, we try to get more done at once. We have lost the art of working serially. Multi-tasking is still the buzz word in most interviews, but really .. if there is anything that is a project killer it is doing too much at one time.

In cooking we have several things going at once. This is normal. While the steak is grilling, we can prep the salad. That is … after we set out the garnishes, or sautéed the leeks.  The point is, in cooking you are only ever doing one job at a time giving that item your full undivided attention while the other items continue cooking.

But isn’t that multitasking anyway? Yes and no. It’s making several items that are going on to one dish, so in a sense it is using things that are working together and timing the workload so that each item can get the attention it deserved.

Where am I going with all of this? Not sure. I started typing just to start typing. To do one thing, and one thing only. Because in this world of noise, overwhelming obligations, recitals, performances, story times, dinner times, household chores, and work life we need to strike a balance. First and foremost we need to start affording ourselves the time to site back and relax. Second, we need only focus on one thing at a time and give that our undivided attention.

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