Knowing when to put it to rest, and let it stand on it’s own

Every artist, designer, and creative will tell you that a piece is never truly finished. There is always more work to be done. A sentence that needs tweaking, a color that needs blending, something that is just not quite right. This is almost a cliche.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that we all suffer from this “not quite finished” syndrome. We let our anxieties for perfection interrupt our need to just create. When we allow ourselves the opportunity to say “I can do no more” we begin to see the flaws in our work and realize how much they hold the mirror up to ourselves. It is not our perfections that make us who we are, but our flaws. It’s because of the flaws that we have character, and a desire to push beyond. This transcends into all parts of our lives.

Just go make something.

A Night At An Art Show

And for your listening pleasure, here’s some Los Tiki Phantoms with Siberia. Go write your own story.

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