In which I struggle to make sense in a single post or “Hey Tokarrai, What are friends for?”

FezFriday Backstage!Got into a conversation with a friend and had some fellows from the blog group come in. Basically, he wants a logo done for his blog (a local blog for geeks of all sorts; check him out  – or @indianageeking). The problem is like all bloggers, promotion and marketing is hard – we always have a hard time finding the time or resources to market ourselves.

It got me thinking. This is the reason for social networking, connecting people. Not selling products. Not properly positioning your brand. Not increasing your social revenue. That’s a bunch of marketing bullshit. That’s something agencies use to make themselves seem important.

The real purpose is to connect people, and hopefully they meet, strike up a friendship, and collaborate. Collaboration. An exchange of ideas with mutual respect for each others work. All those marketing words are just agencies attempts to mold the user into their little automaton.

Anyway, it got me thinking. I will help anybody with a project if I believe in it. I may not always be able to and I may not be able to commit to a full set of projects, but I will give as much support as I can. You need a logo? Let me do it. It may take a while, but it’s what I like to do. It’s what keeps me charged. That said, some people feel uncomfortable, and that’s okay too.

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