Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

There is a new convention coming to Indy. It’s the IndyPopCon, a three day pop culture convention. Unlike gaming conventions or comic conventions this is rather unique in that it really includes all manner of geek. The convention is not geared to one or another facet of the geek community. Rather, it is a collection of all things geek and popculture that makes what we do great.

Night at an artshow

It also got me thinking. What am I doing with my art? I keep talking about getting involved with the art community, and not actually doing anything about it. Well, the time is now. I decided I would try to raise money through a crowd source program. I settled on  I could have used KickStarter or some other crowd source service, but this seemed the easiest to use at the moment.

My goal is to raise $700 for booth rental and additional overhead for running a booth as part of the artist’s alley. I am hoping to raise enough to hopefully offset the costs of things like:

  • Printing material
  • Freebies
  • Booth space
  • And other items that I come across the way

$700 is a pretty low figure, but I am also hoping to find 1 or 2 more artists who may want to display their wares. My goal is to kick my butt in gear, and start doing what it is I want to do with my creativity. At the same time, It is forcing me to cultivate my Fez Punk aesthetic (more on that later). Any donation made is more of an investment in my dream.

To those who have already donated, I say Mahalo Nui Loa! To those who wish to donate, please visit my GoFundMe project: Bring Fez Punk to IndyPopCon

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