On Self-Promotion and Putting Myself Out There

Something that I am not good at is marketing myself. I always feel like I am overstepping my bounds somehow. I am starting to realize that I won’t get anywhere if I don’t show a little leg so to speak.

So here’s my spiel:  *ahem*

It’s no secret that I have always wanted to be involved in art and pop culture. My life seems to be revolving door of catch phrases, animation references, and social commentary. That’s the beauty of pop culture. It holds a mirror up to us as a society. It can uphold our most sacred beliefs, or chip away at our hubris. Pop culture has the ability to simultaneously revere us and scorn us – for good or bad.

Bring Fez Punk to IndyPopCon

This is why I want to bring my own brand of Fez Punk infused tiki mania to Indy Pop Con. My goal is to raise enough money to set up a booth as an art vendor to sell my own personal take on all things pop culture and geek.

What is Fez Punk, you ask?

Fez Punk is an aesthetic based on Mid-Century (ca. 1950-1960 ) design. The themes involve tikis, cocktails, debauchery, tom-foolery, and just a pinch of shenanigans. I will have prints for sale, and a small catalog available for people to order prints.

Whether, I am able to afford 1 day or 3 days, your help will allow me to bring my own love of popular culture to Indy Pop Con.**


Special Note:
* All Gifts of Gratitude will be sent after the convention.

** In case or emergency or cancellation (or the “In case the show DOES NOT go on), all donations will be sent back to the respective donors.

This is a tiki mug

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