I am Pre-Production’s B*&@#!!!

Okay right, now I am trying to get over the story of the man whose skull fell off. Truly one of those bizarre tales I expect to hear from Jack Palance ghostly howl as he follows the story with, “Believe it or Not.” I am going to sleep, and I am only going to see that poor man holding a piece of his own skull when I close my eyes. The only thing that could be better is a set of creepy quadruplets laughing demonically in unison… oh well too late.

Recently I have been told that I am a pre-production junky. I have a need to plan, which is so anti-me. I mean this whole cartoon process has been fun, but I do not feel like I have gotten anywhere with it. Instead I have returned to the drawing board a million times, brought in people to help and then not ask them to do anything, rewrite scripts, redefine concepts, rehash scripts, flog myself over the starboard bow, and gotten really good at Solitaire. Its like if I don’t do something soon, I will never get anything done.

Well after being accused of being a “pre-production junkie,” I have been confronted with the aspect of having to get off the couch and am returning to what I started. Only this time I am giving the blog over to the one guy that started this whole thing.

I call him Mr. Bloodpop. At the same time we are ramping up on the Captain. The Voice has been cast, as well as music. Now its time to piece this together.

Let the fun begin.

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