Done, Finito, Finished, Good Night!!!

I did it, I finished the overdue update to my website. It has taken me 2 weeks; waking up at 5:30 going to work, coming home, staying up until midnight or 1… wash, rinse, and repeat.

The motivation? Art school. I have finished my submission to the Academy of Art University, and I have bee put through my paces. I pput a couple new pieces up on the site, and I will be exploring doing more with the Tiki set (I started a collection of digitally illustrated tiki images). The two tiki pieces, Earth Tiki and Fire Tiki, which I am actually most proud of are portraits of myself and my brother — just tiki-fied. I plan to add M, Will, my folks, and anybody else who I can think of that would make a great tiki. Like the outriggers say, “more Tiki, more Luck,” and what could be luckier than surrounding myself with the people I care about even if only in Tiki form.

If anything, this experience has kick started the creation bug again. I now know my schedule. Dad, Husband, Work, Dad, Husband, and Self-Employer. The cartoon will be rolling off of my computer starting tomorrow. Right now I am pooped. I have had a collective 9 hours of sleep for the weekend and, being only a couple days away from the roasting of the turkey carcass, it is time for me to get to bed so I can keep my head above water at work.

And soon… a new computer. More on that later.

Sorry this post has been long overdue, and my apologies on the brevity, but I really need sleep. If you feel up to it take a look at my new portfolio site. I hope to put up more pieces as they are completed.

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