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So today I am sitting in my cube of wonder. I have 3 major deadlines (plus two more on the way looming over me, a network connection that is cutting in and out, and I am inadvertently trying to learn a programming language that has a sparse, at best, programming manual. I get a call in the middle of this chaos from the Academy of Art University. I thought it might be to say that they needed a hard copy of my portfolio on CD.


Turns out the administrator gods at AAU were able to quickly review my portfolio. The call was to say “Congratulations” and that I was in. I start in late January.

Also, before Thanksgiving, I got my Mac. Its a new PowerBook, and I am trying to get it ready so I can use it for work school and home. A lot of files and settings to transfer and trying to get software licenses rolled over to the new platform.

So I had one good thing happen yesterday. Well 2 really. I came home and had pizza and watched Heroes with M.

It was a pretty good day.

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