Forward Momentum

Though I had to spend time with Will, which was a lot of fun, this morning while M went to a vigil for a friend’s grandfather, I have felt like there has been a huge thrust forward in my career path. Maybe its just the sun that is making me so goody, or the interview I am coordinating, but I just feel like I am moving forward and it is good.

The person I am interviewing will basically be doing my job, which will leave me to move more into a design position. Its a long haul position, meaning I start doing QA and creating solution options for various projects (kind of a creative technical director) and hopefully into more design oriented pieces. Either way, I feel good about where I am at.

Tomorrow, I start my summer course. It is a course in sound production which I totally dig. I have done audio production in the past, and I am so ready to get back into it. The downside is that it will set me back a some hundred dollars. Oh well… any investment will cost ya.

Okay enough procrastinating. Time to think artsy thoughts. Oh and my quote for today…

“To Alcohol. The cause of — and solution to — all of life’s problem’s”
~ Homer J. Simpson

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