Well, It has Happened

I found out today that the company I work for has extended an offer to a new production person. This means that I will be doing more creative direction, and making sure that client brand guidelines are being followed.

Really, this is a huge step up.

Other than that, I have been having a hard time sleeping lately. I have been averaging about 3-4 hourse a sleep a night for the last couple of weeks. The problem has been our next door neighbors… sort of. Its not that they are loud (per se) its that the area where they hang out happens to be in the back yard, which is covered with plastic siding. Basically their back yard has been converted into a large megaphone. The megaphone happens to empty out near our bedroom window, which is a single pane window that needs to be resealed. Essentially, we have a megaphone against an amplifier. They must work graveyard or something because they are up at all hours of the night.

I have plans to build a baffle to fit into the window. That we’ll take some work. Fortunately, we are taking a trip to Indy in a couple of days. It will just be nice to get away for a while.

Well, it is time for me to go give Will a bottle. This is our daily routine now. Marcia takes phase of Operation: Baby Night Night and I command phase 2 – the soothe insurgence.

Okay, I am off.

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