Accepting the Challenge, and Throwing the Glove Back


My buddy, Casual Blasphemy, decided it would be fun to start a little game. Essentially, create whatever visual concept you have (web feature, illustration, photo, etc.), and submit a completed draft of your work once a week. He called it the 7-Star Challenge. A motivational tool to keep us doing what we enjoy doing – making a bunch of pretty things with lots of bells and whistles.

It wasn’t long before I caught his little inspiration bug, and started to participate. I encourage everyone to create their own 7-Star Challenge, as it really is an excellent motivational tool. I say this being only one week into the challenge. We’ll see what I say 3 weeks from now (“7-Star what?”).

We have 1 week to submit a piece of creative work every Sunday from now until November. Since my portfolio tends to run on the light side, I figured this would be good practice and it encourages me to try new projects that I don’t normally do.

Here is my first submission. A business card concept. I am pretty happy with it. Now on to the next project, a new site.

Thanks, Mike.

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