This Just In: IE 6 is about to face imminent defeat at the hands of TikiKitchen

The majority of testing is almost done. Thank you to everyone who has sent comments. If you have more feel free to send them to me. I have been squashing some bugs, and I am almost ready to make the switch from using this blog as a part of my site to using WordPress as my entire CMS tool. That is what I would like to think anyway. I have been chugging along trying to find bugs specifically in Internet Explorer 6. So far I have eradicated about 85% of the bugs, I think. This is going to make it easier to work on future iterations and tweaks, as well as adding on new layers of functionality (can you say AJAX?).

It has been a definite fun process given CSS issues between IE6, 7, and 8 (a fix that works for one, may not work for another). To be honest, I quite like IE8, though I will not give up FireFox or Chrome anytime soon. The debugger tool took me a while to figure out, but I was able to find the issue and resolve a problem that is more than likely an issue between WordPress, IE8, and SWFObject.

Finding and Fixing IE bugs will also allow me to focus on writing a couple of tutorials that I have had in mind for a little while. One will be on the creation of HTML newsletters (woo hoo… exciting stuff). The other will be on embedding fonts in Flash –  a relatively simple process, but one that, I think, can really be clarified. Most tutorials (not all, but many) are written by developers for developers. This causes problems when novices start filtering through data, not really fully getting certain details – at least I know this was/is my problem. I think there is a need in cyber land to scale down tutorials so that instead of giving step by step instructions starting with a concept through to a completed piece, new developers can abstract those steps and apply them to any situation they are in.

Anyway, that is my short term goal. There is also a little matter of putting together my midpoint review for the fall. I think that should be my next focus.

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